Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm The Future Technoentrepreneur...Insyallah

Alhamdulillah, ...All praise is due to Allah, we seek His aid, assistance and forgiveness, in Him we believe and upon Him is our reliance.

Ibnu Khaldun (Abdul Rahman Mohamed Khaldun) - The entrepreneur is seen as a knowledgeable individual and is instrumental in the development of a city-state where enterprise will emerge

Today, my Team have done for interview session with selected sussessfu technoentrepreneur company.The objective from this session is a good platform to have information and sharing experience from them that has been sussess in their business environment.During one hour interview session, we have take from this opportunity to asked some question that is need to fullfil and carried out the disipline toward to sessuessful entreprenuer.As summarize to sussess in bussiness area there area some intregration that need to compliance before we become sussussfull entepreneur.

There is a Challenger for us to be come sussessfull Muslim Entreprenuer....

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