Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TA 2011 is coming....

Ya Allah! Ya Tuhan Kami, pada hari ini,

kami menadah tangan memohon restu perkenan drpdMu. SEMPENA dengan TA 2011,berikanlah kebaikan & permudahkanlah urusan kerja-kerja ini.Ya Allah ! Engkau jadikanlah segala tugas yang telah dan yg akan kami laksanakan sebagai ibadat kpd Mu jua.Ya Allah ! Ya Rohman ! Ya Rohim ! Engkau satukanlah hati-hati kami,agar kami dpt bekerja dgn jiwa yg bersatu-padu, hormat-menghormati dan saling mempercayai.Ya Allah! Engkau perbaikilah kami di atas urusan agama kami yg menjadi sandaran segala urusan kami, Engkau perbaikilah dunia kami yg mana ianya menjdi tempat penghidupan kami, Engkau perbaiki akhirat kami di mana kami akan dikembalikan.

Turn Around (TA) FY 2011....basically the planning to have the shutdown or Turn around has been make last year ago that is due to get the enough time,safe limit for consideration and feedback from the team and the more importance we can take the lesson learn from the last event in term of the execution of job and manpower planning as per time frame.Other than that we want to consider for any safety issues and elimate from reoccurance for incident and excident that related to safety .when say about the Turnaround,Alhmadulillah, i has been experience and exposure on both field either onshore and offshore, eventhough the milestone and distance between offshore and onshore is quick difference 250km each other....the planning to shutdown the unit still need to communicate both parties.and same time depend on demand and current price.

Shutdown come with Opportunities......

During the TA period, there will be lot of opportunity to learn and in-situ directly experince to have a look in term operational of the equipment and unit operation.that one,for normal operation we don't have the opportunity to seem directly the equipment design especially for the internal operation,

Selamat Ber TA...safety First.


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